Notify17 offers its customers a single location where they can centralise all their notifications. How frequently do we happen to miss emails containing an alert, just because our inboxes are too crowded?

This project was born out of frustration in the DevOps  world, which is filled with:

  • Waiting for long-running process to terminate (e.g. a daily database backup, which lasts some hours)
  • Alerts, alerts, alerts. CPU is high, the count of unread emails is higher. Kinda missed that alert 😅
  • Cron jobs  spread around a multitude of machines, sending emails when they fail. Did you really notice that email? (ok, for this case we have also lovely tools like Chronos  or Cronicle  , but… did you just get another email from them?)
  • A lack of trust towards systems that do not provide any at-rest data  encryption

What does Notify17 offer?

  • Full encryption for users' generated content. We DON’T WANT to see your content and you don’t want us to see it. Good. We both agree.
  • A single place where users can browse their notifications.
  • The freedom to choose what content should became a notification and what should instead be discarded.
  • CRITICAL notifications, to be alerted also when you have do-not-disturb mode enabled.
  • Keeping things tidy and meaningful. Decluttering applies a lot to the alerts world: did it spark joy to receive this notification? If not, better mute it!
  • Endpoints, to generate notifications in a second:
    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    curl -X POST \
        "https://hook.notify17.net/api/raw/RAW_API_KEY" \
        -F title="Instance setup: finished" \
        -F content="Instance ${HOSTNAME} has been set up correctly!"
    Sample notification preview
  • Templates to parse JSON payloads generated from other tools:
    Grafana: {{ .title }}
    {{ range .evalMatches -}}
    - {{ .metric }}: {{ .value }}
    {{ end }}
    Browse at {{ .ruleUrl }}
    Sample notification preview
  • Actions, which you can run from generated notifications.