Notifications sharing

Let’s assume you’re building an alerting system, and you want to use Notify17 as your notification method.

You will soon need to have a “group” of people receiving a specific notification. That’s where our sharing groups kick in!

Sharing groups

A sharing group is a list of other users’ raw API keys.

When editing a notification template or a raw API key, you can choose one or more destination sharing groups.

When you will generate notifications using these notification templates or raw API keys, the generated notifications will be forwarded to all users belonging to the selected sharing groups.

Forward-only sources

You can configure specific raw API keys and notification templates to be forward-only. When this option is enabled, ONLY the users belonging to the associated sharing groups will receive the generated notification. You will NOT receive the generated notification.

Account quota

When using a sharing group to forward notifications, your account will be charged also for the generation of all the notifications sent to the users belonging to the group.


  • User A forwards one notification to users B, C and D (A -> B,C,D)
  • User C’s receiving raw API key is set to forward notifications also to users E and F (C -> E,F)

In this scenario, A will pay for:

  • Their own notification
  • B, C and D notifications

C will then pay for E and F notifications.