AWS SNS support!

Notify17 can now be easily used as an https AWS SNS  endpoint!

We now provide specialized webhook endpoints, which you can use to generate notifications from SNS messages. These endpoints will automatically confirm you SNS subscription and accept your SNS messages.

Check them out in our AWS SNS docs!

Critical notifications

We have important news to share!!!! Critical notifications are now available! 😁

This means your notifications can now bypass do-not-disturb policies, if needed, for example if you REALLY need to be alerted during nighttime.

Check out the critical notifications docs for more info!

Sharing condition for notification templates

Whenever you want to share notifications with other users, you can now benefit from sharing conditions: you can decide to share a notification, towards a sharing group, only if a specific condition is met.

For example, you could selectively send a notification to a team member, if the notification payload contains the member’s email or id, by using the condition: eq. email "".

Check more details in our docs!

Notification sounds

Note: requires mobile app version >= 1.2.21

You can now use different notification sounds when generating notifications!

Whether it is by using a notification template, or a simple raw notification, you can now distinguish notifications by their own sound.

Check out the full list of available sounds!

Notification actions

Note: requires mobile app version >= 1.2.7

You can now trigger custom actions from your notifications, in the format of HTTP requests.

For example, you can use actions to deploy a Netlify build, or send a Slack message. The possibilities are endless!

More docs are available in the actions area.

Other improvements

  • You can now use silent conditions to generate silent notifications. This can be useful when you want to e.g. parse a particular payload and trigger an action automatically, but you don’t want to be notified on your mobile phone about it.
  • Notification templates can now access the headers of the request.

Login with email!

Note: requires mobile app version >= 1.2.3

You can now create a Notify17 account just by using your email address, without the need of owning a Google/GitHub/Apple account.

After the first email verification, you will be able to sign in by approving the login on an already-logged-in device, so there is no need for more passwords other than the secrets' encryption one.

Regarding existing users:

  • All users who used to log in with Google accounts can immediately use the Login with email feature.
  • All users who used to log in with GitHub or Apple accounts can choose to enable the Login with email feature, and can do it from the Settings  page of our dashboard.

For all accounts bound to a Google/GitHub/Apple account, the Login with email feature can be enabled and disabled in the Settings  page of our dashboard, in the Linked accounts area.

A whole new template functions library???

Notify17 now lets you use a broad amount of functions in your notification templates  .

For example:

Template Payload (JSON)
IP: {{.ip}}
Is local IP: {{ localIp .ip }}
  "ip": ""
Is local IP: true

To discover what’s available, browse our functions library docs!

Android app available!

BREAKING NEWS: Notify17’s Android app is now finally available on Google’s Play Store  ! 🎉

We’re really excited about it and hope you’ll like it too. And as always we LOVE feedback so don’t be shy and share a feedback with any thoughts, comments or suggestions!

Import/export notification templates

Made a nifty notification template  ? Now you can easily share it with your friends/colleagues/granny with the new import/export functionality!

Manual refill plan

A new manual refill plan is available in the billing  area!

You can use this new plan when you want to have a total control over the maximum amount of generated notifications in your system.

Also, Notify17 now supports Custom alert thresholds for generated notifications quota: by setting up one or more thresholds, you will receive an alert whenever your generated notifications quota drops below the specified values. This functionality plays well together with the manual refill plan, to always know when you’re running out of notifications quota!

GitHub login

From today users can log in using GitHub!

Regarding this new login type, it’s important to know that if you log in with two distinct login methods (Google and GitHub), you will have two different accounts.

Other changes:

  • You can now use new template helpers:
    • Dump, to print any value into a human readable format.
    • Indent, to indent text with the desired amount of spaces.
    • ParseJSON and ParseYAML to parse JSON and YAML strings into usable objects.

General availability!

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Notify17!

You can download our iOS app on Apple’s App Store  .

With this initial release, we bring you:

We hope Notify17 will be a solution to many of your daily alerting and monitoring challenges!

For whatever question you may have, or if you just want to say hi, leave us a message clicking on our feedback button!