Terms of service

Last updated: July 22, 2019


Our payments are processed using Stripe  .

For all our paid plans:

  • The payment amount, at the moment of choosing the plan, will always be the one displayed in our Billing  page. If the price of an auto-recharging plan changes over time you will always pay the same amount you initially chose, until a new plan is chosen.

We may provide paid plans of the following kind:

  • Manual refill plans:
    • You manually choose the number of notifications quota for one-time refill.
    • One manual refill is a one-time payment.
    • The payment amount is shown in the plan selection view.
  • Auto-recharging plans:
    • You choose a number of notifications quota, which will be automatically added to your account whenever your remaining quota drops below a certain threshold.
    • Auto-recharges are strictly dependent on how many notifications your account generates. Whenever your remaining notifications quota drops below the auto-recharge threshold, a payment will be initiated and the quota will be incremented by the amount defined in the plan info.
    • There is no time-based recurrency for this plan.
    • The payment amount and auto-recharge threshold are shown in the plan selection view.