UptimeRobot  is an “uptime monitoring service”:

  • It lets you know if your website is not reachable.
  • It lets you know if your SSL certificates are expiring.
  • It can poll for URLs availability (e.g. to check if a URL returns a 200 status code).
  • And other features!

UptimeRobot offers a free  plan, which comes with some basic monitoring features, and Notify17 can be easily configured to receive its alerts. Let’s see how.

Oh my, my website is down!

Prepare the notification template

Please import and save the following template in your Notify17 account:

UptimeRobot {{.monitorFriendlyName}} -> {{.alertTypeFriendlyName}}


Monitor: {{.monitorFriendlyName}}

Time: {{.alertDateTime | parseUnixTime }}

Status: {{.alertTypeFriendlyName}}
{{- if .alertFriendlyDuration }} (alert lasted for {{ .alertFriendlyDuration }}){{ end }}
Details: {{.alertDetails}}

Monitor URL: {{.monitorURL}}
UptimeRobot Test monitor -> Up


Monitor: Test monitor

Time: 2020-12-24 12:02:09 +0000 UTC

Status: Up (alert lasted for 4 minutes and 54 seconds)
Details: HTTP 200 - OK

Monitor URL: https://www.google.com
Payload (YAML)
alertDateTime: "1608811329"
alertDetails: HTTP 200 - OK
alertDuration: "294"
alertFriendlyDuration: 4 minutes and 54 seconds
alertType: "2"
alertTypeFriendlyName: Up
monitorFriendlyName: Test monitor
monitorID: "123123123"
monitorURL: https://www.google.com

Set up UptimeRobot

If you don’t yet have an UptimeRobot account, you can create a free one  in few clicks.

Create a new alert destination

Then, we want to setup the general Notify17 destination for our future alerts:

  1. Navigate to the My Settings page.

  2. Click on Add Alert Contact.

    1. Set Webhook as “Alert Contact Type”.
    2. Add a Name for the alert destination, e.g. “Notify17”.
    3. In the URL to Notify field, copy and paste your notification template URL , and add a ? to the end of the URL.
    4. Click on the Create Alert Contact button.

Set up your first monitor

Now we can configure the monitor for your website/URL:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard page.

  2. Click on Add New Monitor.

    1. Select HTTP(s) as Monitor Type.
    2. Enter a Friendly Name for your monitor, so you can recognize it later.
    3. Enter the URL you want to monitor in the URL (or IP) field.
    4. Tick the previously created Notify17 alert destination.
    5. Click on Create Monitor to complete the process.

That’s it! You have set up your first monitor, and you will be notified whenever there is a “down” event, meaning whenever your website/URL is not reachable.

Test the monitor

If you want to immediately test the flow, create a new monitor pointing e.g. to https://www.google.comzzz. This will trigger an alert in few minutes (the free version of UptimeRobot will perform checks every 5 minutes).

Edit a monitor

In case you need to edit a monitor, and it’s not immediately visible how to do it, click on the little cog on its right side, and you’ll get the edit menu!

How to edit a monitor?