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Craft your own notifications!

Notify17 lets you generate mobile notifications with simple web requests!

#!/usr/bin/env bash

curl -X POST \
    "" \
    -F title="Instance setup: finished" \
    -F content="Instance ${HOSTNAME} has been set up correctly!"
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Parse webhooks payloads with notification templates

Notify17's notification templates are the tool you can use to parse automatically generated payloads (e.g. Jenkins jobs, Grafana/AlertManager alerts, web-hooks).

Grafana: {{ .title }}



{{ range .evalMatches -}}
- {{ .metric }}: {{ .value }}
{{ end }}

Browse at {{ .ruleUrl }}
Sample notification preview

Full content encryption

We respect users privacy to the finest: whatever your content is, we will never know about it. This is a service made by developers, for developers.

All your personal data is encrypted using a private/public key approach, so that you and only you are the owner of your notifications!

Immediate usage

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